With a shovel and a plow

So, on the heels of yesterday’s snow and today’s aftermath I’ve been noticing some of the things that are unique to this type of weather…

snowy tree

snowy tree

Things look prettier when they are covered in snow even things that are already innately beautiful and especially things that you don’t often take the time to notice like the pretty tree above with the perfect light shining through its branches. I’m glad I took an extra few seconds to preserve this. It’s an odd juxtaposition then that all this beauty is swiftly plowed away and either pushed up into great snow mountains on the curb or trucked off to be melted.

After a nice snowfall you start to notice people dressed for labor and carrying a shovel over their shoulder.  They are just out there trying to earn some extra cash by digging someone’s car out of the street or by clearing someone’s sidewalk. I have to respect the concept of earning an honest dollar for honest labor.

small snow plow

jeep snow plow

This brings me to the mighty snow plow.  They come in all sizes from the varieties pictured above to dump-truck-sized-front-loader-type plows. No matter the plow size most people know to stay out of their line of fire snow. The little one on the top left nearly took out a small group of people while one of the jumbo ones nearly took me out as I tried to snap a photo of it. Needless to say all I got was a blurry shot of the night. I’ll get it next time.


About clarissa

I'm a girl from Texas living in New York since October 2010. I fell in love with New York City on a business trip here in April 2009. I had to drag my husband along for the ride at first but just a few hours on his own while I was at the conference and he was completely on board. He began texting me mundane things like the price of milk and the quality of produce so that I could see it wasn't so much different than Austin. What are the chances that after just one week in New York two people would leave with the exact same resolution to one day live there? We did. Just about 18 months later we signed a lease on a new apartment and started a new chapter in our lives. This blog will hopefully give me a chance to document our adventures in New York as well as to share my perspective on the same using photos and stories. enjoy.
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