running barefoot in central park.

It’s no secret that since moving to new york city last year I’ve been flourishing in many areas while floundering in others. Let’s put running in the floundering category. I go out for a short run, get discouraged by my pace, distance, stamina and want to quit. When I do quit, I’m not inclined to torture myself again with failure for a while or maybe just a few times more before I find a good excuse to skip a day or 20. I know I thrive on success, but I just can’t get myself far enough to feel any tiny successes and recently someone said to me that clearly I’ve “given up.” That cut pretty deeply, but how could I argue? I was never fast, I was never great, I used the Galloway method as taught by my Austin Fit running coach, but I was better than I am now and after a run, I always came home full of energy and high-fives. No matter how much faster or longer others ran, my own victories always empowered me and propelled me forward. I was a rock star in my own world and now I’m not. Not in that category anyway. So, I’m going to commit to post about some running/fitness activities I am taking on in order to motivate myself to overcome myself. Let’s shoot for a weekly post on the topic, shall we? ok, great. it’s settled then. While I figure out what I’m gonna post about next time, here’s a reflection on…

1st topic: Barefoot running:

In Austin, I first got wind of barefoot running as a trendy thing that hip people were doing when I saw some college students wearing Vibrams to class. Seriously, when Vibrams replace flip-flops you know there is something going on. Then there were regular minimalist runners on the trail. One guy in particular frequently ran in sandals with straps that wrapped around his ankes while another with full leg and sleeve tattoos preferred the Vibrams, some shorts, and nothing else, I guess his full body art was enough. Anyway, while wandering Central Park recently, camera at the ready, as is my modus operandi, I spotted this guy running barefoot. But not in Vibrams or sandals, he was actually barefoot. Now I wish I had followed him (not that I could keep up) so that I could see if he avoided certain rocky areas and if he walked home barefoot and did he have shoes hidden somewhere?

barefoot runner. central park.

barefoot runner. central park.

As I was walking to my train this morning I imagined what it might be like to run in my flats, clearly it would be possible but would I enjoy it? would I break something with the force of my impact? Lately, I’ve had a hard enough time at just walking in my flats. I had an embarrassing fall on some granite steps last week, I didn’t roll down the steps or anything but still falling is embarrassing all on it’s own. One second I was walking and the next I was on the ground, no idea if I stumbled or slipped or missed a step, I just know I was suddenly not standing and my shin hurt big time. The bruises still hurt but not as much as last week and so maybe I should focus on balance and core on this endeavor?

Now for the hard part. follow through. I feel like I’m barefoot.


About clarissa

I'm a girl from Texas living in New York since October 2010. I fell in love with New York City on a business trip here in April 2009. I had to drag my husband along for the ride at first but just a few hours on his own while I was at the conference and he was completely on board. He began texting me mundane things like the price of milk and the quality of produce so that I could see it wasn't so much different than Austin. What are the chances that after just one week in New York two people would leave with the exact same resolution to one day live there? We did. Just about 18 months later we signed a lease on a new apartment and started a new chapter in our lives. This blog will hopefully give me a chance to document our adventures in New York as well as to share my perspective on the same using photos and stories. enjoy.
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