In my last post I went into great detail about how I’d turned my friend’s wedding into my my own personal fashion dilemma so I figure I should recap the big event. And why not do it in list fashion.

1. dress. I picked the purple Ralph Lauren dress and it looked great. Husband wasn’t super happy when I handpicked one of his shirt/tie combos to match my purple dress. He looked awesome in his suit & later thanked me for making him wear a full suit rather than going without the jacket.

2. shoes. I later had a shoe nightmare in which I left DSW with a pair of black Michael Kors crinkle patent leather pumps, a pair of Anne Klein ballet flats, and a pair of Kelly & Katie wedge sandals. Ok, ok, any day where three pairs of shoes leave the store in my lawful possession is not a nightmare.

3. train. We caught the train from Grand Central where they were hosting a Subway Series interactive exhibit sponsored by Delta Airlines. I scored 3 boxes of cracker jacks, some cookies and some airplane peanuts for free (which we promptly devoured on the train). Oh we also had a free photo taken – scroll down to see our ridiculous photo. The views on the train weren’t as awesome as the Hudson River line but the ride was pretty quick.

Table setting

table setting.

4. interrupting the groom. Oh and because of my insane level of paranoia related to possibly being late to the wedding (everything), I had us take an early train. We arrived at the country club almost an hour early! We were directed toward a guest holding area where we, of course were the first guests. BUT on the way there, we walked passed an open door in which I noticed one of the grooms, so you probably think I did the logical thing, you know smiled and kept walking. Nope, I walked right in and disturbed the groom during his pre-wedding prep. It was one of those things I couldn’t stop myself from doing but the whole time I just knew I was imposing. He was great about it and introduced us to his future husband and was overjoyed on their big day but still, probably don’t do that at the next wedding you go to.

Wedding View

ceremony view.

5. ceremony. The ceremony was outside overlooking a body of water and in the distance you could see tall ships and a bridge that lit up at night. They each had a jar of sand to represent themselves and during the ceremony each of their mothers poured some in a larger jar and then they poured some in a larger jar to represent their newly married life. it was super amazing.

6. back to the shoes. the heels were perfect for me, small 2-2 1/2 inch heels, oddly comfortable. BUT guess who decided it was a good idea to slather lotion on her feet before leaving the apartment. I wore my AK flats until just before getting off the train at which point I put on my heels and realized almost immediately that I was suddenly slipping and sliding inside my heels. I stuffed some tissue paper in the tips of my shoes to keep my heels from stepping out of them. it was a decent if temporary solution. Husband was a good sport and gave me some stabilization while walking.

7. Grass is outside. Heels sink in grass. There was a nice paved path to the seating area and the entire ceremony took place on a fully paved area. BUT I decided to veer off the pavement and promptly sunk. My entire heels were in the ground. I wasn’t alone but still, I’m obviously a rookie. Oh but, my other two co-workers who wore heels also had flats in their bags to change into later so I was happy not to be alone in that!



8. Post-Wedding/Pre-Reception. We enjoyed oysters, shrimp cocktail, some other seafood-y concoctions and of course the standard cheese/crackers/grapes options in addition to red and white wines and pink cosmos while being entertained by the same live string quartet and pianist group that performed during the wedding. It was awesome.  The grooms eventually came and made the rounds and we of course got some group photos.


This salad was almost too good to eat. almost.

9. Reception. Table 10 was reserved for our office suite. It was nice to see everyone outside of the office and never once mention work! My husband totally approved of the dinner options which included a steak that tasted divine. No rubber chickens here. The salad looked like a work of art and tasted amazing. In lieu of guest favors the happy couple donated to the local animal rescue which was awesome. Also, rather than one giant cake there were individual desserts.


No rubber chickens here.

10. Music and dancing! The first song was a Frank Sinatra classic promptly followed by several more and of course Etta James. My husband doesn’t dance, so when they invited couples to dance the first dance with the newly married couple, he asked me (expecting me to say no) and I jumped at the opportunity. My rhythm was terrible but I was happy. After dinner I slipped into my flats and took to the dance floor for some faster songs with a couple of women from my office. The happy couple joined us which was awesome.

11. Taxi! Being responsible New Yorkers, those of us that needed to take the train back to the city decided to take the 2nd to last train of the night to be safe. We said our sad goodbyes before dessert was served and asked the valet to get us a car. Turns out people at country clubs do not call cabs, they give you random phone numbers and tell you to call them yourself while they ignore you. We called about 4 different cab companies. They each said it would be like 30 minutes. This is an outrage for us city folks. We all wanted to go back to the reception but if we missed the car when it finally arrived then we’d miss our last chance back to civilization so we stuck it out. The 5 of us squeezed into one cab and then waited at the train station for about 35 minutes before the last train finally arrived. One of the girls was able to score a dessert and we al shared it with our hands as we waited.


Obligatory photo of ticket taker.

12. Drunk Train. So, the train was full and most of the passengers were annoyingly underage drunks going to the city to wander aimlessly and who knows what. The actually boarded the train with alcohol in their hands and boasted loudly “This train is the best place for underage drinking!” Some of them actually just held bottles of vodka and tripped over their own 6 inch heels. There were no groups of seats together so we finally settled on a car where we all took end-cap seats.


Pre-wedding. Husband wanted it to look like I was hitting him with the bat but I was too stiff and awkward. But it is still ridiculous which is generally his goal.

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I'm a girl from Texas living in New York since October 2010. I fell in love with New York City on a business trip here in April 2009. I had to drag my husband along for the ride at first but just a few hours on his own while I was at the conference and he was completely on board. He began texting me mundane things like the price of milk and the quality of produce so that I could see it wasn't so much different than Austin. What are the chances that after just one week in New York two people would leave with the exact same resolution to one day live there? We did. Just about 18 months later we signed a lease on a new apartment and started a new chapter in our lives. This blog will hopefully give me a chance to document our adventures in New York as well as to share my perspective on the same using photos and stories. enjoy.
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